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insta_ctf spcr | public | 15 players | 2016-03-26T12:26:33.281Z

4SHIELD28231.22023% Hungary
4OPW27271030% France
2Swallowed17300.57021% Spain
1BSterling20171.18424% Spain
0Nerdmind15290.5202% Germany
0ARMIN270.29018% Italy
0Jazzabell00000% United States

3Dormouse22211.05023% South Africa
1VoiceOfTruth28241.17123% Russian Federation
1puTTy16210.76018% Russian Federation
0tuta35211.67124% Serbia
0caspar33211.57033% Germany
0yuri114240.58011% Romania
0RWE190700000% Germany
[RUSS]Sterlik Russian Federation
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