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insta_ctf subterra | public | 20 players | 2016-03-26T12:16:19.771Z

3OPW36142.57140% France
2VoiceOfTruth21102.1135% Russian Federation
1BSterling36142.57036% Spain
1Mac_Heupan15180.83019% France
0wyh1972.71062% Poland
0HIF790.78140% Russian Federation
0redalertJP100%250.4020% Poland
0Swallowed111025% Spain

1SHIELD23250.92125% Hungary
1yuri116131.23014% Romania
1caspar15260.58125% Germany
1Dormouse11290.3803% South Africa
1aquablu8260.31120% France
0marixn12280.43224% France
0puTTy10300.33116% Russian Federation
0tuta751.4058% Serbia
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