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insta_ctf urban_c | public | 21 players | 2016-03-26T12:06:07.287Z

5Dormouse39192.05131% South Africa
5SHIELD30181.67231% Hungary
2Tispon13140.93114% Austria
1OPW25221.14029% France
1yuri113160.81115% Romania
1Kryptel12101.2022% Italy
0caspar1171.57036% Germany
0Mr.Fixit670.86020% Netherlands
0marixn431.33030% France

1coy25211.19134% Faroe Islands
1puTTy15220.68117% Russian Federation
1Mac_Heupan12310.39120% France
0{NoobInRage}26261027% Switzerland
0redalertJP100%7300.23011% Poland
0BSterling6170.35214% Spain
0Nerdmind5110.45021% Germany
0aquablu140.2509% France
0NerdicusTotalus01000% Netherlands
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