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insta_ctf damnation | public | 18 players | 2016-03-26T11:35:27.525Z

4Narf32181.78043% Germany
2pb15250.6029% Germany
1/\/\/\/\/\/\/\58173.41049% Austria
1*_Thankol_*30171.76135% France
1Rmn10120.83050% Slovenia
0unnamed190190100% Netherlands
0Maverik7250.28020% Italy
0Jarvis05000% India

0[RUSS]Sterlik28330.85125% Russian Federation
0Red.Tay|Z19290.66115% Austria
0Titou15131.15130% France
0caspar15141.07036% Germany
0j1m9270.33013% Russian Federation
0toblerone570.71122% South Africa
0Master111022% Germany
0vaQ'Erika00000% Germany
epimeteo Italy
coy Faroe Islands
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