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insta_ctf tempest | public | 18 players | 2016-03-26T11:25:15.092Z

2Narf28281039% Germany
1*_Thankol_*29340.85137% France
0razor12140.86027% New Zealand
0Maverik4210.19120% Italy
0unnamed3220.14011% Italy
0NerdicusTotalus180.13014% Netherlands
0mumin1130.08014% Austria
0Fixxer05018% Germany

1[RUSS]Sterlik2292.44022% Russian Federation
1Red.Tay|Z971.29014% Austria
0/\/\/\/\/\/\/\55163.44045% Austria
0caspar1882.25040% Germany
0epimeteo12130.92019% Italy
0pb12210.57025% Germany
0Tispon751.4114% Austria
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