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insta_ctf evilness | public | 24 players | 2016-03-25T22:35:34.213Z

2Mrbit14121.17023% Italy
1Zack11130.8509% Germany
0zyx45251.8140% Austria
0Kryptel14220.64220% Italy
0caspar1042.5031% Germany
0ACDC7130.54116% United States
0raf7170.41127% Poland
0soldiergamer447180.3908% Colombia
069Mhz670.86018% United States
0Marvy7601000% Italy
0|RUS|TANK_T-90C01000% Russian Federation

1[RUSS]Sterlik18181122% Russian Federation
1Faust14180.78014% Norway
0[RUSS]TrianG36132.77033% Latvia
0tuta19171.12021% Serbia
0the_me13230.57030% Austria
0Q12311200.55132% United States
0me7200.35114% Austria
0[KFN]YCbl101050% Russian Federation
0Darkyoshimoshi101050% France
0EMINEM01000% United States
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