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insta_ctf tempest | public | 26 players | 2016-03-25T22:04:54.546Z

2Janitor25151.67140% Germany
1F!!!27261.04124% Turkey
0[RUSS]TrianG28290.97023% Latvia
0{IANFA}Defrance1581.88033% Germany
0Caira14230.61013% France
0Willty|Fr|13180.72125% France
0Red.Tay|Z12180.67018% Austria
0Moebelix2300.0712% Austria
0Rmn180.1307% Slovenia
0DBom701000% United States
0!@#$%>>xD08028% Sudan

1brucelee43172.53129% Germany
1caspar25151.67026% Germany
1*$Cpt_VJkanth$*15180.83015% India
0unnamed35211.67033% Germany
0Mrbit23181.28227% Italy
0RWE19071562.5127% Germany
0[GLX]Bddel1271.71228% Mexico
0WhaDaFac8110.73013% Germany
0Kryptel450.8014% Italy
0me2140.1419% Austria
0pastafarian170.14010% Switzerland
0Tim02000% Germany
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