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insta_ctf eternal_valley | public | 19 players | 2016-03-21T13:11:53.285Z

6azZerati27191.42022% Germany
4tarantula21131.62027% Germany
3ULLA8120.67017% Germany
2Deadpool26161.63025% Spain
1LinuxFTW16131.23036% United States
0dkfl-05114230.61022% Russian Federation
0toblerone5190.2608% United Kingdom
0Vlachcov1130.08011% Bulgaria

2Wikilix10190.53029% France
1RolleRino17220.77027% Estonia
1[tBMC]zeekABox623020% Germany
0vaQ'Fear58105.8054% Germany
0murdog26201.3033% United States
0hdhcgudsvyheuyf1100.1012% United States
0nicolas00000% United States
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