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insta_ctf mach2 | public | 17 players | 2016-02-28T10:28:00.130Z

3FestivePie!3240.13111% Canada
1041182.28044% Serbia
1SHIELD30181.67026% Hungary
1morgot18161.13018% Australia
0Cuddle|BradPitt18121.5127% Germany
0Mongoose8220.36126% Australia
0Seb23952100.2016% Germany
0Mr.Zoosman160.17011% Russian Federation
0Emil180.13112% Romania

0trimini29171.71147% Germany
0sucking_device15180.83016% Croatia
0Derpson890.89020% Romania
0Veter5180.28020% Russian Federation
0kilu3150.2027% Russian Federation
0Mr.Fixit3180.17125% Germany
0marixn04000% France
0dakodas-18-0.1216% Greece
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