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insta_ctf disruption | public | 12 players | 2021-01-08T00:40:15.780Z

4um.D-Brau26211.24028% United States
3wlkn52192.74147% United States
3Lokillo31211.48025% Colombia
0AR|Sh1n0b1140.25015% United States
0undeadslayer41270.0402% Canada

3stigman6290.21012% United States
1Secundar.hpp20111.82033% Switzerland
1eric16210.76123% New Caledonia
0BlackMadness10140.71024% United States
0ARCH&Torttelini2140.1408% Slovenia
0Daniel_LaRusso2200.113% Canada
FakeDemocracy Russian Federation
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