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insta_ctf laucin | public | 21 players | 2021-01-07T22:55:42.195Z

4[PDF]LastRaider24241139% Italy
1|DM|bioweapon44143.14043% Germany
1FlickOfDeath31241.29032% Germany
1Steno2.014101.4029% Italy
1Maga030011% Russian Federation
1Myr0290114% Ukraine
0eric7200.35122% New Caledonia
0Bronco6110.55028% Canada
0unnamed340.75015% Germany

2Snape14320.44022% Poland
1hello19220.86036% United States
1murdog16180.89023% United States
1Toerminator2320.06110% Germany
0teddyblasterpc14200.7032% Sweden
0EvelKnievel7380.18030% Germany
0Sauerbr├Ątling4360.11125% Germany
0unnamed01000% Czech Republic
0amed0280017% Germany
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