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::: RUGBY ICTF ::: | Germany

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insta_ctf earthsea | public | 16 players | 2021-01-07T22:45:32.048Z

3Myr5360.14016% Ukraine
2fizesan51182.83056% Romania
0Sauerbr├Ątling18340.53025% Germany
0/dev/crazy15360.42030% Brazil
0ste9170.53023% Italy
0murdog130.3306% United States
0Snape01000% Poland

2MarP5240.21016% Germany
0hello59252.36046% United States
0[PDF]LastRaider28231.22042% Italy
0(&)Ziti10190.53030% Poland
0eric7220.32131% New Caledonia
0FlickOfDeath441028% Germany
0unnamed380.38123% Czech Republic
0EvelKnievel0150126% Germany
FakeDemocracy Russian Federation
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