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insta_ctf autumn | public | 19 players | 2020-11-30T01:01:16.841Z

2popipo37261.42033% Australia
2|LaTn|Edux21330.64018% Japan
1HarryBrowne15360.42032% Australia
1(&)Chifferi9150.6116% United States
0Waterpoof56291.93144% Germany
0lee-wales-uk29201.45028% Italy
0Ad_24P12220.55014% Mexico
0BJCOBBLEDICK9290.31115% Australia

3[tBMC]phoBo27231.17020% Australia
0LLENN59282.11144% Australia
0Stonewater41291.41034% Sweden
0<J4F>Sahadar2173043% Russian Federation
0el-TuxoCiclista16270.59112% Japan
0evil.lord.vader16320.5118% Russian Federation
0dp2615250.6125% Germany
0Amy38744100.4015% Jordan
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