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insta_ctf arbana | public | 19 players | 2020-11-30T00:50:49.449Z

4LLENN46311.48045% Australia
4pizza30231.3124% Germany
4Damonkrugweil30251.2031% Australia
3HarryBrowne6120.5124% Australia
1Stonewater31201.55031% Sweden
1popipo20280.71123% Australia
0(&)Chifferi10190.53021% United States
054FW4N011008% Indonesia

2[tBMC]phoBo29251.16124% Australia
2evil.lord.vader10370.27017% Russian Federation
1lee-wales-uk38241.58233% Italy
1|LaTn|Edux34251.36133% Japan
1el-TuxoCiclista11210.52015% Japan
1BJCOBBLEDICK2270.07012% Australia
0AlphaCentaurus19360.53024% United States
0<J4F>Sahadar01000% Russian Federation
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