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insta_ctf abbey | public | 18 players | 2020-11-30T00:40:29.156Z

5Hitman24191.26139% Russian Federation
3popipo12160.75114% Australia
2LLENN34181.89034% Australia
2|LaTn|Edux11150.73027% Japan
1Damonkrugweil20121.67132% Australia
0AlphaCentaurus15200.75026% United States
0lee-wales-uk661033% Italy

1El38|Spectrum26161.63041% Russian Federation
1[tBMC]phoBo24260.92037% Australia
0Stonewater18210.86020% Sweden
0evil.lord.vader7180.39117% Russian Federation
0el-TuxoCiclista4110.36025% Japan
0pizza00000% Germany
054FW4N-421-0.1940% Indonesia
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