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insta_ctf turbulence | public | 20 players | 2020-11-30T00:23:00.884Z

1|DM|bandandit40211.9041% Australia
1LLENN29241.21134% Australia
1Damonkrugweil21201.05029% Australia
1Stonewater17171028% Sweden
1[Deb]wuoldirty13270.4809% Chile
0[tBMC]phoBo15220.68013% Australia
0AlphaCentaurus4110.36021% United States
0El38|Spectrum00000% Russian Federation

3|LaTn|Edux26221.18024% Japan
0Millycat38281.36028% United States
0popipo29291028% Australia
0EvelKnievel18260.69028% Germany
0CHAKALL16240.67121% Bulgaria
0evil.lord.vader490.44013% Russian Federation
0Hitman360.5025% Russian Federation
0Pooper02000% Australia
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