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insta_ctf gubo | public | 13 players | 2020-11-19T00:01:54.424Z

3wall-e46381.21146% Germany
2stigman8360.22014% Australia
1<J4F>Sahadar46261.77338% Russian Federation
1Ladycat734331.03020% Slovenia
1zankyou28201.4118% France
1Kopatel17190.89012% Russian Federation

2RED|skimmet62321.94241% United States
1RED|Liummm49341.44040% Italy
1evil.lord.vader5200.25222% Russian Federation
0LanaBanana12360.33013% Australia
0[CE51]popi380.38015% Australia
0newguy111025% Australia
TinPotDictator Germany
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