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insta_ctf garden | public | 21 players | 2020-11-07T18:18:58.387Z

3Fromp10300.33114% France
2pimp40251.6034% Australia
1Dragan17270.63028% Germany
0Noobee40211.9121% Serbia
0Murhh33221.5129% Finland
0TrianG31201.55127% Latvia
0ARCH(&)Tortelli15280.54210% Slovenia
0James10230.43016% Germany
0TrueBlood03000% Germany

2bimo32360.89027% Italy
0JoeBiden44231.91231% Switzerland
0B@dMonkey30301224% France
0gzorro25310.81222% Italy
0nano17771425% Italy
0fab7160.4408% France
0ROZEROX120.5020% Russian Federation
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