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insta_ctf suburb | public | 27 players | 2020-11-04T17:20:39.686Z

2Kaulbarsch27221.23027% Germany
1JAZZOCC26201.3020% Germany
1Tonks14210.67113% United States
0SHIELD55202.75049% Hungary
0lee-wales-uk36132.77032% Italy
0nikita-ar9190.47010% Russian Federation
0Gibby_McFragger7120.58017% Australia
0evil.lord.vader6290.21112% Russian Federation
0ROZEROX360.5010% Russian Federation
0EDDING250.4012% Germany
0obi_de101025% Germany

1welwell751.4026% Germany
0break50133.85234% Russian Federation
0wlkn22270.81019% Australia
0[RUSS]ЫTЬ19131.46021% Russian Federation
0B@dMonkey16170.94128% France
0Winston14320.44021% United Kingdom
0cibi-cibi-cix11190.58010% Turkey
0sauroff11250.44125% Malaysia
0[MH]Sauce10220.45025% United States
0Caramba10230.43029% Italy
0xGreeNx9180.508% Russian Federation
0EvenSerieus01000% United States
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