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insta_ctf garden | public | 22 players | 2020-10-28T22:07:51.845Z

1el_Gamberoni61341.79149% Italy
1denti43321.34132% Germany
1Gentooman43331.3133% Russian Federation
1FartonmeTLAB10310.32116% Barbados
0sdghjxcv22420.52028% Russian Federation
0Snape11210.52024% Russian Federation
0G>F-o-X7250.28313% France
0porteavion390.3305% France
0yourFEAR230.67050% Germany
0steve2130.1519% Germany

1EndTheLockdown29310.94039% Italy
1ASSBLASTER900026290.9124% United States
1lincoln_project22330.67122% Sweden
0log80253.2148% Italy
0JustMe26310.84028% Australia
0[mVa]Cookie1953.8051% Germany
0mir14280.5014% Italy
0(&)Gemelli6100.6125% Italy
0thelonious01000% Sweden
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