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insta_ctf turbulence | public | 21 players | 2020-10-28T21:47:08.728Z

3Sloth45123.75136% Australia
2JustMe20230.87025% Australia
2lincoln_project14170.82017% Sweden
2sdghjxcv6190.32114% Russian Federation
1(&)Gemelli6110.55022% Italy
0el_Gamberoni40182.22047% Italy
0ji02000% France
0Starve05000% Czech Republic
0LollaBunny070011% Bulgaria

2EndTheLockdown11200.55128% Italy
1denti29221.32129% Germany
1FurzKanone21201.05017% Germany
1James5200.25212% Germany
0yourFEAR39182.17121% Germany
0ASSBLASTER900015200.75123% United States
0BuyeeBo7270.26012% Australia
0MakeLoveNotWar4210.19210% United States
0mir230.67112% Italy
0Dragan280.25123% Germany
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