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insta_ctf tempest | public | 26 players | 2020-10-28T21:37:48.774Z

2Vorty33181.83127% United States
1denti32271.19032% Germany
1JustMe26221.18129% Australia
1FurzKanone26280.93024% Germany
1NeverGonaGiveU^17250.68021% Australia
1Gibby_McFragger13190.68027% Australia
0EvenSerieus11190.58020% United States
0EndTheLockdown7120.58028% Italy
0BuyeeBo6180.33114% Australia
0(&)Gemelli360.5010% Italy
0Sloth221026% Australia

1yourFEAR62183.44048% Germany
1el_Gamberoni21121.75134% Italy
1=Laggy-Jumpper=19210.9121% Japan
1G>F-o-X10230.43016% France
1MakeLoveNotWar9250.36016% United States
0Gho$ty2673.71042% Germany
0James11230.48013% Germany
0apf9200.45016% Australia
0LollaBunny8120.67233% Bulgaria
0sdghjxcv350.6033% Russian Federation
0ASSBLASTER900003000% United States
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