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insta_ctf authentic | public | 23 players | 2020-10-28T21:27:17.945Z

1Vorty53281.89137% United States
1FurzKanone34162.13018% Germany
0CATALONIA[BCN]40241.67139% Russian Federation
0JustMe39271.44037% Australia
0programer24270.89222% Russian Federation
0Ikagura21240.88023% France
0Turtlehead16190.84026% Australia
0G>F-o-X15250.6120% France
0BuyeeBo13310.42117% Australia
0NeverGonaGiveU^11150.73128% Australia
0yourFEAR641.5042% Germany

1Perussola27410.66024% Italy
0opfer49301.63141% Sweden
0EvenSerieus22320.69017% United States
0MakeLoveNotWar21240.88019% United States
0=Laggy-Jumpper=19310.61218% Japan
0apf10250.4019% Australia
0denti360.5112% Germany
0LollaBunny111025% Bulgaria
0a_theory00000% Australia
0coobtoo04000% Italy
PaTo Italy
EvenSerieus United States
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