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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 25 players | 2020-10-28T20:59:47.414Z

2programer29330.88125% Russian Federation
1tuta33311.06130% Serbia
1FredTheRed19340.56030% Italy
1Crypto-Chief13220.59012% Australia
1G>F-o-X10350.29411% France
0VoiceOfMeow62222.82052% Romania
0Vorty38301.27228% United States
0JustMe32370.86032% Australia
0Ikagura27290.93326% France
0Iam23211.1032% Russian Federation
0apf20230.87025% Australia
0BuyeeBo12390.31018% Australia

1VoiceOfTruth47301.57146% Russian Federation
1thelonious28201.4039% Sweden
1FurzKanone27310.87218% Germany
1demilune21320.66124% France
1fix14350.4023% Turkey
0JoeBiden53222.41131% Switzerland
0opfer40192.11132% Sweden
0Шyxeвич25320.78431% Ukraine
0B@@L_4ever20270.74222% Germany
0Mr.Bean16270.59024% Russian Federation
0EvenSerieus13310.42122% United States
PaTo Italy
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