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insta_ctf killcore3 | public | 28 players | 2020-10-28T20:28:25.133Z

2JustMe22221130% Australia
1opfer34241.42130% Sweden
1Toranaga22191.16031% Switzerland
1kebn.19340.56031% Australia
1VoiceOfTruth1042.5045% Russian Federation
0TrianG46291.59141% Latvia
0|OSH|0x05394294.67148% Germany
0Perussola20300.67124% Italy
0programer17260.65120% Russian Federation
0Bin_schon_tot15210.71123% Germany
0KRL(RUS)1452.8048% Russian Federation
0Ikagura101050% France

2(&)Spaghettini39271.44131% Italy
1Ao1|Pointblank30310.97021% Australia
0xXRamboXx40311.29238% Sweden
0[RUSS]ЫTЬ20210.95221% Russian Federation
0Kim20240.83128% Switzerland
0FurryStorm17220.77224% Australia
0Dragan15390.38025% Germany
0apf10180.56034% Australia
09110320.31212% France
0[nF]Mero290.22115% Iran, Islamic Republic of
0(&)Maultasche1340.0315% United Kingdom
0CiNGöZ00000% Turkey
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