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insta_ctf shipwreck | public | 27 players | 2020-10-28T20:07:21.178Z

3VoiceOfMeow46133.54141% Romania
3JustMe15240.63117% Australia
2Bin_schon_tot21211015% Germany
1TrianG41142.93230% Latvia
1(&)Maultasche9250.36027% United Kingdom
1G>F-o-X7130.5409% France
0Ao1|Pointblank22171.29319% Australia
0[RUSS]ЫTЬ1081.25019% Russian Federation
0Dragan933064% Germany
0PaTo5160.31011% Italy
0ji111020% France
0programer130.3304% Russian Federation

0Ooooh_Yeah20151.33129% Australia
0Epicur19290.66021% Russian Federation
0Michael18141.29025% Russian Federation
0Шyxeвич17230.74227% Ukraine
0Perussola16141.14026% Italy
0Mr.Bean13270.48018% Russian Federation
0Sauerkraut12220.55021% Australia
0Winston1081.25024% United Kingdom
0jSr8200.4220% Russian Federation
0FurryStorm321.5027% Australia
09100000% France
0(&)Vermicelloni013002% Russian Federation
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