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insta_ctf akroseum | public | 23 players | 2020-10-28T19:56:47.109Z

4Ao1|Pointblank22250.88011% Australia
3J43192.26035% United Kingdom
1VoiceOfMeow46212.19041% Romania
1Samarrah1572.14041% Sweden
1Kryptel15230.65017% Italy
0Nymeria32231.39037% Australia
0VIP942.25031% Russian Federation
0Atheist761.17058% Germany
0_6220.27013% United States
0Mr.Bean551050% Russian Federation
0JustMe170.1405% Australia

1log52212.48049% Italy
1TrianG46251.84042% Latvia
0hache.copther13370.35120% Germany
0Maledictorian1181.38033% Germany
0Шyxeвич11220.5124% Ukraine
0jSr7240.29026% Russian Federation
0B@@L_4ever522.5033% Germany
0(&)Maultasche2220.0905% United Kingdom
0(&)Vermicelloni010015% Russian Federation
0вoeн-110-0.135% Russian Federation
Momo Germany
xGreeNx Unknown
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