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insta_ctf face-capture | public | 23 players | 2020-10-28T19:46:21.945Z

5(&)Paccheri3766.17048% Sweden
4J26161.63031% United Kingdom
4vety22201.1033% Slovakia
3SHIELD45162.81241% Hungary
3El38|Spectrum17161.06118% Russian Federation
2Kryptel7240.29014% Italy
2Ken0bi5160.3108% France
2.380.3819% Australia
2(&)Maultasche3210.1419% United Kingdom
0ProbablyAbait79164.94055% Sweden

0VoiceOfMeow32221.45239% Romania
0TrianG25251226% Latvia
0Nymeria21260.81044% Australia
0poopy-nuggets12270.44019% Croatia
0(&)Fettuce11140.79029% Germany
0hache.copther11300.37017% Germany
0jSr7220.32018% Russian Federation
0Ao1|Pointblank7230.3018% Australia
0_7310.23023% United States
0AR|Sh1n0b1111033% Australia
0Valador150.2016% Sweden
Momo Germany
xGreeNx Unknown
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