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insta_ctf haste | public | 25 players | 2020-10-28T19:39:15.320Z

1SHIELD42301.4034% Hungary
0Valis88263.38043% Germany
0El38|Spectrum31241.29127% Russian Federation
0Steno2.028231.22227% Italy
0Ao1|Pointblank27290.93220% Australia
0vety24340.71033% Slovakia
0Kryptel18290.62220% Italy
0Limon8270.3116% Russian Federation
0_7260.27116% United States
0Nymeria01000% Australia

1(&)Paccheri19230.83330% Sweden
1pb6360.1708% Germany
0ProbablyAbait69223.14136% Sweden
0|DM|iZuck68361.89146% Germany
0TrianG34341028% Latvia
0hache.copther22300.73026% Germany
0poopy-nuggets20290.69015% Croatia
0J20300.67220% United Kingdom
0smerf_maruda16200.8022% Russian Federation
0your_mother10180.56119% Germany
0VoiceOfMeow651.2040% Romania
0(&)Maultasche1330.0303% United Kingdom
(&)Fettuce Germany
Ken0bi France
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