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insta_ctf flagstone | public | 23 players | 2020-10-28T19:28:46.356Z

0Valis72272.67047% Germany
0|DM|iZuck70233.04045% Germany
0Maxwell29251.16032% Sweden
0Ao1|Pointblank19250.76118% Australia
0poopy-nuggets18230.78018% Croatia
0smerf_maruda14150.93222% Russian Federation
0Steno2.09120.75116% Italy
0Zerox00000% Russian Federation
0hache.copther04000% Germany

0SHIELD40251.6038% Hungary
0TrianG37301.23031% Latvia
0maxsuper31301.03023% Russian Federation
0J23270.85033% United Kingdom
0El38|Spectrum15170.88021% Russian Federation
0vety15420.36030% Slovakia
0(&)Fettuce6120.5027% Germany
0Limon3260.1203% Russian Federation
0ProbablyAbait230.67014% Sweden
0KRL(RUS)00000% Russian Federation
0ShowMeYourBoobs-20-220% Germany
Kryptel Italy
Ken0bi France
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