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insta_ctf gubo | public | 21 players | 2020-10-28T19:07:50.964Z

3Ao1|Pointblank31301.03315% Australia
2fury18220.82118% Germany
2Шyxeвич9280.32215% Ukraine
1Valis65331.97246% Germany
1TrianG36221.64124% Latvia
1Kryptel9180.5021% Italy
0ProbablyAbait3393.67052% Sweden
0Ali_24_PR12330.36018% Mexico
0Limon10190.5324% Russian Federation
0El38|Spectrum414066% Russian Federation

2J41341.21124% United Kingdom
2Sandokan11270.41421% Russian Federation
1pimp45391.15142% Australia
1Turtlehead17300.57128% Australia
1Kopatel16131.23011% Russian Federation
0smerf_maruda18250.72419% Russian Federation
0CiNGöZ15440.3432% Turkey
0alp661128% France
0maxsuper6220.27412% Russian Federation
Ken0bi France
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