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insta_ctf dust2 | public | 25 players | 2020-09-22T18:43:48.056Z

1JAZZOCC26221.18026% Germany
1[RUSS]Messer22310.7108% Russian Federation
1Kryptel21320.66022% Italy
1EndTheLockdown19230.83033% Italy
1Briareos19330.58220% Mexico
0sad95243.96063% Italy
0TengriKhan3193.44147% Hungary
0breath_mint17250.68029% Australia
0(&)Gemelli15210.71116% Italy
0the_burger8290.28010% Australia
0Zoli7330.21020% Hungary

1disco.panzer34231.48233% Russian Federation
0TrianG51291.76332% Latvia
0h838201.9433% India
0Ukr26270.96339% Ukraine
0DoomsDayer21350.6031% France
0Kluster20290.69028% Czech Republic
0.1371.86136% Australia
0Manu11160.69015% Germany
0Green>F-O-X10280.3609% France
0[der_echte]Mero8280.29010% Germany
0maxsuper280.25010% Russian Federation
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