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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 25 players | 2020-09-22T18:33:19.737Z

4Kryptel6140.43010% Italy
2Green>F-O-X13240.54014% France
1sad42104.2044% Italy
1pimp40331.21040% Australia
1JAZZOCC30231.3020% Germany
1EndTheLockdown24280.86131% Italy
1DoomsDayer22260.85023% France
1[nF]Mero7190.3709% Germany
1olive111025% Italy
0(&)Gemelli12210.57112% Italy
0Ken0bi221013% France
0the_burger190.1103% Australia

2[RUSS]Messer15250.604% Russian Federation
1Briareos19230.83316% Mexico
1goodstuff13290.45117% Australia
0disco.panzer51192.68047% Russian Federation
0Zack34251.36117% Germany
0breath_mint21211030% Australia
0Ukr16310.52229% Ukraine
0Kluster12250.48227% Czech Republic
0shitbagbaby22212250.48020% Australia
0[neverFaII]Mero6120.5013% United States
0TrianG441028% Latvia
0Zoli4150.27023% Hungary
Unmanned Russian Federation
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