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insta_ctf mercury | public | 21 players | 2020-09-22T18:23:03.537Z

3pimp47341.38043% Australia
1Briareos790.78025% Mexico
0disco.panzer32152.13131% Russian Federation
0DoomsDayer18270.67135% France
0EndTheLockdown12150.8027% Italy
0p3dg0n_10280.36423% Germany
0[RUSS]Messer111040% Russian Federation
0Green>F-O-X130.33050% France
0Otto1150.0703% Germany
0(&)Gemelli02000% Italy

1JAZZOCC20260.77020% Germany
1[neverFall]Mero3120.2507% Germany
0Pro.D.gaL60222.73342% Australia
0MAR_VAL34221.55043% Australia
0Zack22191.16016% Germany
0Ukr15190.79222% Ukraine
0shitbagbaby2225200.25014% Australia
0breath_mint490.44010% Australia
0Veteran02000% Germany
0goodstuff03000% Australia
Ken0bi France
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