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insta_ctf catch22 | public | 13 players | 2020-09-22T13:58:24.515Z

4JAZZOCC33132.54125% Germany
3wall-e30211.43032% Germany
1scorbut66223036% Germany
0justapingthing20210.95021% Australia
0KrommeBanaan7220.3205% United States
08841360.5037% India

2darkomen14280.5024% Hungary
1El38|Spectrum27280.96029% Russian Federation
1Le_Dougre18260.69028% France
1evil.lord.vader4290.1406% Russian Federation
0F!!!***29231.26316% Turkey
0iDiot13240.54021% Germany
0{oJo}331023% Russian Federation
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