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insta_ctf reissen | public | 15 players | 2020-09-22T10:08:51.494Z

2Momo33181.83047% Germany
1alcoholic26280.93032% Russian Federation
0sad63183.5064% Italy
00_08130.62020% United States
0iDiot331033% Germany
0felix3250.12115% Germany
0smerf_maruda270.29013% Russian Federation

0cerbere47281.68042% France
0Oszilat17390.44128% Germany
0bigchungus13260.5016% New Zealand
0Bin_schon_tot12160.75021% Germany
0Roro-the-King6100.6028% France
0Le_Dougre460.67022% France
0MacRond01000% France
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