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insta_ctf suburb | public | 22 players | 2020-09-20T22:42:14.348Z

2|sx|guix28112.55025% Italy
2evilknivel1191.22025% Germany
2Toranaga4180.22010% Switzerland
1lawnchair27102.7026% Australia
1eviIknivel1071.43017% France
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS67154.47159% Serbia
0Diode1391.44017% Australia
0{noob}Mouse8190.4209% United States
0├śwl00000% Australia

1FurzKanone14160.88017% Germany
0Barbina719191020% Slovenia
0eviIkniveI14121.17027% United States
0evilknivel14210.67031% Australia
0TingTong14320.44015% Slovenia
0schnitzel11150.73027% Germany
0AlphaCentaurus7170.41025% United States
0(&)Gemelli7270.2608% Italy
0k01000% Hungary
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