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insta_ctf garden | public | 17 players | 2020-09-20T19:54:02.494Z

1[tBMC]PhoBo19240.79013% Australia
1acolarh17290.59319% Denmark
0Pro.D.gaL58202.9135% Australia
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS53173.12050% Serbia
0una17270.63224% Germany
0Ukr17300.57022% Ukraine
0Zack14121.17023% Germany

1B@@l_in_time16141.14025% Germany
0Samarrah63222.86043% Sweden
0pizza28440.64021% Germany
0murdog23300.77119% Australia
0FredTheRed21330.64025% Italy
0Bossanova7440.16028% Italy
0(&)Gemelli6210.2919% Italy
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