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insta_ctf flagstone | public | 25 players | 2020-09-20T19:12:01.151Z

3[neverFall]Mero12220.55220% Germany
2Ag!24280.86027% Germany
0eentrottel41271.52035% Norway
0the420chef26251.04027% Australia
0graynk13180.72037% Russian Federation
0KRL(RUS)11120.92022% Russian Federation
0una780.88126% Germany
0(&)Gemelli7130.54012% Italy
0Lamma6220.27012% Sweden
0Ukr02000% Ukraine

1lee-wales-uk15190.79122% Italy
1Kryptel15210.71026% Italy
0BigHomie-Babeeb35181.94025% Australia
0=DK=hamon2263.67147% Germany
0apexu21181.17119% Sweden
0Briareos19181.06224% Mexico
0DegeneratedWeeb14141118% Sweden
0Josh7230.3010% Australia
0B@@l_in_time422030% Germany
0(&)Vermicelloni480.5012% Germany
0(&)Cencioni00000% Germany
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