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insta_ctf fc5 | public | 23 players | 2020-09-20T16:43:48.042Z

4SegaPluto38162.38032% Australia
3potera61125.08138% Romania
2TrumpVictory22240.92021% France
2HarryBrowne16190.84044% Australia
1lee-wales-uk31152.07038% Italy
1SHIELD29171.71128% Hungary
1Ukr11180.61021% Ukraine
1(&)Gemelli641.5018% Italy
0ЪУЪ_CЪУKA23102.3036% Ukraine
0Horst22221028% Germany
0costy6911470.57014% Romania

1droland_19270.7033% Ukraine
1CORONA!!9290.31114% Russian Federation
0AllStar29231.26055% Germany
0st20260.77118% Russian Federation
0EDDING18181022% Germany
0(&)Alfabeto16250.64130% Russian Federation
0Diode1081.25022% Australia
0DAIGORO7260.27013% Italy
0YAKARY3270.1105% Russian Federation
0pb2160.1308% Germany
010010 Germany
undersiege Unknown
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