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insta_ctf forgotten | public | 20 players | 2020-09-18T22:15:28.249Z

3KRL(RUS)771031% Russian Federation
2cиcьки52124.33145% Australia
1|LaTn|Edux16151.07026% Japan
1Barbina75100.5011% Slovenia
1NooBa240.507% United States
0Zack22102.2022% Germany
0(&)Gemelli12180.67019% Italy
0CHAKALL130.33011% Bulgaria

2Zoch19181.06030% Switzerland
1TingTong9180.5013% Slovenia
0wall-e20191.05027% Germany
0EV?10200.5017% Germany
0CORONA!!780.88026% Russian Federation
0mengel7150.47029% Germany
0LollaBunny390.33027% Bulgaria
0Someone130.33020% United States
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