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insta_ctf gubo | public | 18 players | 2020-09-18T22:08:46.406Z

4Barbina710210.4816% Slovenia
3yourFEAR26112.36035% Germany
2TingTong6130.46013% Slovenia
1Zoch20201029% Switzerland
1Zack17180.94217% Germany
0wall-e541.25033% Germany
0mengel2170.1206% Germany

1Duct@pe22181.22036% Australia
1(&)Gemelli741.75020% Italy
1|LaTn|Edux6190.3218% Japan
0cиcьки40142.86054% Australia
0EV?331130% Germany
0LollaBunny130.330100% Bulgaria
0Jeff02028% Japan
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