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insta_ctf suburb | public | 25 players | 2020-09-17T21:02:11.763Z

1yourFEAR53143.79041% Germany
1Unmanned19121.58017% Russian Federation
1Barbina79130.69013% Slovenia
1apf5260.19010% Australia
0tuta36191.89034% Serbia
0evilknivel15310.48124% Germany
0Blak_Rata12210.57022% France
0(&)Corzetti221022% France
0(&)Maultasche1290.0303% United Kingdom
0Gibby_McFragger08000% Australia

3Ao1|Pointblank13131010% Australia
2*<]:)GoT)vis*RS3156.2158% Serbia
1GreatSauerOrgan39182.17044% Romania
1Midnyte~37162.31047% United States
0TheKing17190.89024% Turkey
0Kopatel15160.94035% Russian Federation
0FredTheRed771030% Italy
0Chief_Nick2100.204% Australia
0the_tainter111033% Australia
0Zoch111033% Switzerland
0(&)Gemelli1100.102% Italy
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