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insta_ctf authentic | public | 25 players | 2020-09-17T20:51:43.283Z

2apf15240.63223% Australia
1pslpgw69193.63059% Australia
1B4nDido9927241.13120% Chile
0Midnyte~56222.55244% United States
0yourFEAR37152.47039% Germany
0sleven17270.63215% Germany
0the_tainter14230.61022% Australia
0(&)Gemelli250.4020% Italy
0JohnTheSniper150.2020% Russian Federation
0evilknivel00000% Germany

1|LaTn|Edux17370.46015% Japan
0Zowie44311.42137% Germany
0Kopatel33311.06030% Russian Federation
0Barbina719230.83026% Slovenia
0Chief_Nick18320.56017% Australia
0TheKing17310.55022% Turkey
0Blak_Rata15260.58022% France
0Unmanned1171.57235% Russian Federation
0(&)Maultasche2340.0602% United Kingdom
0tuta00000% Serbia
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