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insta_ctf gubo | public | 19 players | 2020-08-05T20:07:10.624Z

4Sauerkraut4200.228% Australia
2WF[CATALONIA]28171.65239% Russian Federation
2Springbok23250.92026% Russian Federation
2BEHAVTesterUK8180.44125% Mexico
1yourFEAR52143.71144% Germany
1acolarh8120.67318% Denmark
0Zack26211.24018% Germany
0masterwow15111.36035% Germany
0lsv570.71117% Ukraine

3QWERTY|SPAIN21310.68013% Germany
1LJ419JZ025010% Slovenia
0test51242.13046% Australia
0Maisels_Weisse16230.7125% Germany
00_014150.93026% United States
0schnitzel11240.46126% Germany
0IQrate10160.63314% Serbia
0WHAAAAT7200.3523% Japan
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