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insta_ctf hallo | public | 15 players | 2020-08-05T04:03:54.592Z

1Millycat43231.87025% United States
1NooBa3200.1502% United States
0morgot29181.61029% United States
0JustMe23131.77027% Australia
0quadtree10200.5017% Australia
0skjo541.25019% United States
0ureyesaremyeggs3170.1806% Mexico

1RedTurtleX27201.35024% Australia
1Lokillo19220.86020% United States
1Jeff12170.71014% Japan
0[GLX]Alebrije16121.33020% Mexico
0mayolaptop16161023% Australia
0{camper}dkfl-5113210.62020% Russian Federation
0|LaTn|Edux13270.48015% Japan
Mexica Mexico
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