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insta_ctf bad_moon | public | 18 players | 2020-08-05T02:44:04.173Z

3wlkn55252.2139% Australia
3cadet1190.0508% Russian Federation
1RedTurtleX32291.1126% Australia
1Josh15230.65119% Australia
0turtlehead24260.92128% Australia
0cyberia15330.45114% Australia
0Lolotron410120.83012% Germany
0skjo522.5055% United States

2pizza32171.88122% Germany
2Briareos30231.3231% Mexico
1mayolaptop27241.13232% Australia
1+KMLbazz-18250.7239% Jamaica
1Tirzan8260.3109% United States
1Meat_crayon7230.318% Australia
0Mexica25221.14125% Mexico
0BubbingScrubble861.33020% Australia
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