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insta_ctf mbt1 | public | 18 players | 2020-08-05T02:33:30.236Z

5Briareos20260.77017% Mexico
3[tBMC]bensocket17250.68021% Australia
2mayolaptop19161.19117% Australia
2cadet3220.14118% Russian Federation
0Sabrina49163.06036% United States
0wlkn44192.32138% Australia
0cyberia17220.77015% Australia
0RedTurtleX414050% Australia

0Mexica47251.88039% Mexico
0Unmanned37251.48125% Russian Federation
0pizza22300.73016% Germany
0Josh19210.9125% Australia
0+KMLbazz-15170.88019% Jamaica
0Tirzan8250.32015% United States
0Meat_crayon7220.3208% Australia
0NooBa-13-0.3300% United States
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