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insta_ctf arbana | public | 24 players | 2020-08-04T21:38:40.324Z

2JohnTheSniper8340.24110% Russian Federation
1,15280.54124% Germany
1meriton14240.58031% Switzerland
1+KMLbazz-14240.58013% Jamaica
1PimmeIduft2140.14025% Russian Federation
1GlavniJebac028021% Slovenia
0|DM|trackpad82145.86057% Australia
0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS65292.24060% Serbia
0ball_mouse.deb270.29025% France

2Barbina739201.95040% Slovenia
2pizza24320.75022% Germany
2BRA-asdf11230.48023% Russian Federation
1Gambit34350.97141% Australia
1Kopatel27221.23024% Russian Federation
1Poppic22221219% Germany
0JustMe26280.93029% Australia
0Fox22310.71225% United States
0(&)Gemelli20201223% Italy
0schnitzel16270.59024% Germany
0Frootloops_6350.17014% Mexico
PaTo Italy
Mexica Mexico
(&)Spagbol Italy
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