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insta_ctf core_transfer | public | 27 players | 2020-08-04T21:28:11.093Z

0*<]:)GoT)vis*RS56252.24054% Serbia
0ALEXLES629281.04126% United Kingdom
0pizza21181.17018% Germany
0Alexsius19230.83026% United Kingdom
0meriton14220.64037% Switzerland
0Poppic12111.09315% Germany
0(&)Gemelli1033.33030% Italy
0Thecube6170.35218% Switzerland
0GlavniJebac027010% Slovenia

0Gambit38321.19035% Australia
0JustMe2292.44029% Australia
0EI-Fuego20131.54033% Russian Federation
00_018121.5121% United States
0[nF]Mero|tee|16210.76114% Germany
0Le_Dougre14210.67116% France
0schnitzel14220.64029% Germany
0JohnTheSniper14290.48017% Russian Federation
0Fox12150.8029% United States
0FrozenPuppy230.67018% United States
0Astaeria00000% Germany
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